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In 1884,...

...the founding father Andrea D Offizi buy, and then cultivate a small vineyard in the solar lazio countryside.

With the help of his son Vincenzo, the Wine produced began to be sold also in some of the notes roman.


In the post-war period, the eldest, John, reorganize the activity, his great tenacity and dedication will lead the company to take a place of first order in the world of Roman Catering.


We are in 1977, and to lead the family business when his son Fausto, who with great commitment and ability to meet the needs of the Company, sensing the need and the importance of the “Wine Bottle”, from a label and a name to its wines.

Huge gratification in being appealed to by the Region for the rilancita Wine of Lazio, and became a founding member

the Ass.it the Road of the Wines of the Castelli Romani.


Today, Giovanni, now in the Vª generation, with the same Passion, in the respect of tradition and in the sign of the innovation, receives the acclaim and gratitude from his loyal clientele seeing award for its reliability, as well as the unquestionable Quality of its Wines, with exports in several restaurants abroad, especially in the Japanese market, and Spanish.


Our Company...

The winery of the Family of D Offizi is located in the Municipality of Gallicano nel Lazio, in the heart of the Castelli Romani.


It covers about 1000 square meters of covered area. Here, from the family's vineyards, as well as from a dozen local producers, carefully selected, come to the grape must, which after grinding on the place of origin and a short, are stored in stainless steel tanks to ensure maximum hygiene, as well as the durability of the product.


Later must, under the guidance of our ever-present Oenologist, are processed, filtered, and clarified.

the wines, made in stainless steel ready to be bottled.


Once you have packed the wine in different containers, and packaging, are placed in a special department.


Ready to be delivered through our media, or for foreign shipping, by courier.


You have a Restaurant or a Wine bar...